Thinking of having Gaslow?

The following article appeared in the Spring 2013 Practical Motorhome.  To view the full range of Gaslow products the current brochure is GASLOWCATALOGUE 2015 spreads

The price list is RETAIL PRICE LIST 2015

Van Bitz only install the Stainless Steel Gaslow hoses for our customers increased safety, Why? read this  Stainless_Steel_A4

Have one and not sure how to use it? :- Filling-Instructions-2012

PLEASE NOTE: Van Bitz have bulk LPG tanks on site and will fill and test and then demonstrate your system when we install it at our Cornish Farm site.


Why struggle connecting, lifting and carrying heavy gas bottles and then pay 50% more for the gas than you have to? ….BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS HAD TO!

Then when you travel to Europe and you run out of gas, it becomes a nightmare as you cannot exchange your empty cylinder for a full one….BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY IT IS!

NOT ANY MORE….Fit a Gaslow refillable!

Only the Gaslow Refillable cylinders have been designed in 6Kg and 11Kg sizes specifically to fit all Caravans and motorhomes. They are the only ones to be European Approved and carrying a full 15 year warranty* on the complete system, including the non-rubber, stainless steel filler hoses. For complete safety, the specially designed and
European Pi approved Filler Valves automatically shut off the gas when the cylinder is 80% full – preventing
the dangers associated with overfilling.

You can just pull up at one of the thousands of Autogas Service Stations throughout the UK and Europe and fill up just like your car! If you have a twin cylinder system, not only will it fill up the empty but top up your nearly full one at the same time – you simply pay for what you use.