We have compiled FAQ’s from both the Trackstar website and our own customer base:

Q:   Can I transfer my subscription from my old vehicle to my new vehicle?

A:    Please contact the Trackstar Customer Services team on and they will be able to advise if this is possible.

Q:   My motorhome has been stolen, what should I do?

A:    As soon as you are aware that your vehicle has been stolen, please contact Trackstar with your police crime reference number and as much information about the theft as you know (For example: Who, What, Where, Why and When?). They cannot start to track the vehicle without the crime reference number so this is really important. The Trafficmaster emergency number is 0844 561 9990 and the operative will talk you through the procedure and what happens next.

Q:   I have a question about how Trackstar works!

A:    If your vehicle has been moved illegally Trackstar can help you to locate it by using the Global Positioning System (GPS) in your Trackstar unit. Also, if your vehicle moves without the use of its keys, the unit will notify them and they’ll be able to let you know and check if there is an explanation for it.

Q:    I’m buying a new motorhome and want to move my unit to the new vehicle

A:     Please call Van Bitz on 01823 321992 or 01823 353235 for advise on de and re-installations or to check if buying a new unit works out more cost effective for you.

Q:    I’ve bought a motorhome with Trackstar installed, what do I do?

A:    Please call the Trackstar Support team on 0845 604 5433 when the vehicle has recently been moved and is in an area with a clear view of the sky. Or complete an enquiry form in the Help/Support section of the Trackstar website and they will call you.

Q:    I have sold my motorhome. What do I do?

A:     Please complete the Cancel Subscription form at

Q:    My motorhome is going on a ferry, or on the back of a transporter – what should I do?

A:     If your motorhome is being transported or moves without the keys (for example if on a transporter or ferry) the Trackstar unit will alarm. Please advise Trackstar first by sending an email to and let them know when it is being moved so that they can avoid any false alarms.

Q:    How do I know my Trackstar is working?

A:     As a Trackstar customer you are entitled to 6 test tracks per year. This means that we track the vehicle as we would if the vehicle was stolen and check the key functions of the unit i.e. GPS score, tracking to correct location, tracking in real time etc. Should you want this arranged please call the Test Track team on 01234 759138 when the vehicle has recently been moved and is in an area with a clear view of the sky.

Q:   Will Trackstar work in Europe* if my motorhome is stolen and taken abroad?

A:     Yes, in that scenario Trackstar would work exactly the same. If your motorhome is actually stolen in Europe or even South Africa, and you are not in possession of the ignition keys, you must report the theft to the Control Centre in the UK before the tracking function can be activated. The system then tracks your van in exactly the same way as in the UK. In Europe, wherever there is GSM coverage, Trafficmaster have the ability to recover your motorhome should it be stolen. Trafficmaster have arranged with Eurowatch that your stolen motorhome is returned to you. At one time because of the number of Police forces throughout Europe with some countries having local and national Police in addition to all the other emergency services, it made it logistically impossible to liaise with each and every emergency service – hence Trafficmaster’s liaison with Eurowatch.

Q:    Can the signal be jammed?

A:      No, the GSM system uses digital transmission which cannot be intercepted or jammed.

Q:     Is it possible to protect against the vehicle being stolen, put on a low loader or towed away?

A:      Yes, the in-built covert motion sensor immediately detects this.

Q:    What happens if the vehicle is stolen, stripped down and Trackstar disconnected?

A:     Again, within seconds of the vehicle being stolen, the location would be known and tracked and the Monitoring Centre would know the last position of the motorhome.

Q:    What coverage does the system have?

A:      Wherever there is GSM coverage, the system will transmit and the Trackstar infrastructure now offers vehicle location throughout 42 countries. See below*

Q:   Where in the vehicle is the system installed?

A:     The System is fitted covertly in a range of places.

Q:    Is the System visible once it has been installed?

A:     No. The hardware is installed in such a position that it would be necessary to remove considerable amounts of the vehicle’s trim to gain access to it.

Q:    If the customer forgets what to do, what happens?

A:     The customer will contact the Monitoring Centre. Using other information known only to the customer, he can then be identified on the database.

Q:     What happens if the System is damaged by a minor car accident?

A:     We advise that the system be checked after any accident. Any approved Trackstar installer would check the unit after an accident.

Q:     What happens if there is a change of ownership of the vehicle?

A:     The owner may transfer the system to the new vehicle or the system can be transferred to the new owner. However, all subscriptions that are taken out are non-transferable, and       must be terminated at the time the Subscriber disposes of the original motorcaravan.

Q:     If the customer goes on holiday, what happens?

A:     The customer will have given the Customer Services Desk secondary contacts whilst they are away (but why aren’t you taking your motorcaravan?)

Q:     Does the Trackstar System protect the contents of the motorcaravan?

A:     No. If the contents of the motorhome need protecting we recommend the Strikeback or Strikeback Growler Motorcaravan alarm system.

Q:     What happens if there is a power cut at the Monitoring Centre?

A:     The Monitoring Centre has appropriate back-up systems to enable monitoring to continue whilst with minimal loss of operational service.

Q:       If the vehicle is attacked outside the main conurbations, can it still be tracked to street level?

A:       Yes, through the high level of investment, the motorcaravan can be tracked to street level throughout 42 countries. This standard feature means that no matter where your vehicle is stolen, whether it’s Park Lane, Paris or Portugal, your vehicle will be instantly located. Trackstar will track your vehicle until it is recovered. *Unlike any others, Trackstar coverage includes**: Andorra, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Estonia, France, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, UK and Ukraine.  **this list may change from time to time Our Eurowatch service allows us access to Control Centres across Europe and even South Africa. The local control centres provide a complete understanding of local laws and languages allowing the recovery to be resolved even quicker.