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Put simply, the concept of a modern tracking system is to protect you and recover your motorhome if it is stolen. Installing a Trackstar in your vehicle will provide you with complete peace of mind. As soon as it is installed you will start to benefit from the most advanced tracking system available and ultimate protection.

Vehicle theft is an unfortunate fact of modern living. However, with the comprehensive security systems new vehicles offer, you are covered against most types of potential vehicle theft. Despite this fact, the ever increasing levels of sophistication in vehicle/key theft mean you don’t always know who is around the corner. Vehicle theft is as inconvenient as it is distressing and there is a strong possibility that, without Trackstar, your vehicle may never be recovered!

Just imagine the peace of mind you would have knowing that you could contact Trackstar requesting that they track your motorcaravan if it has been stolen. Speed, direction and exact position would be known by the relevant Police Force. With the sophistication of modern security systems making vehicle theft harder, hi-jacking is on the increase; the thief waits at the car park of a supermarket near a vehicle. When you return to your motorhome, turn off the security system, unlock the doors and disengage the immobilisation, you are then forced out of your vehicle with the threat of violence to you or your family.

Let’s face it, if you are told that a container is full of acid (even though it looks like water) and will be thrown in the face of a loved one, would you take the risk? No, of course not. Simply telephoning the monitoring centre so they could activate the system means that it roars into action immediately.

Another problem caused by the success of modern security equipment is the increase in Key theft. In essence, your motorhome is pin pointed and targeted by thieves, who are looking for that particular make, model and year of motorhome. At this stage a part payment has probably already been made to the thief by your vans “new owner” (so this proves that you can’t always trust a fellow motorcaravanner, another security myth!).

By simply waiting until everyone is out, the thief breaks into your home, steals the keys (which are probably labelled), shuts down the security system, unlocks the door, starts the engine and drives your motorhome away.

We were informed in the past that 62% of all ‘live tracking situations’ were directly caused by “key theft”. It is unfortunately all too easy. A blistering hot day, followed by a sticky night with windows left open, keys left on the side or hung on a hook by the door, always kept together in a drawer, a situation that if we are honest, we could all find ourselves in very easily.

How Trackstar works and why it works and who does what is explained in the following pages. Please remember though that however advanced the technology seems, once installed there is no need for the vehicle user to do anything at all. It really is your friend in the van. There when you need it, but unassuming at all other times.

Trackstar is part of the Trafficmaster group. You may be aware of Trafficmaster from their network of traffic flow cameras; these are the blue poles you see on most UK trunk roads.  We try to keep this information as accurate as possible, however, it is a fast moving technology so if any these points are of particular importance to you, please contact us for clarification/update before proceeding EG What actually is the recovery procedure for Estonia?

Just under a half a million vehicle-related thefts were reported last year*.

There is a solution – fit a Trackstar GPS Tracking unit to your vehicle. In the event of your motorhome being stolen, we’ll help find it, where the key to recovery is speed…

• Trackstar deploys the latest GPS Stolen Vehicle Tracking technology to locate and track your vehicle, liaise with the police and recover your vehicle in the shortest possible time.

• Trackstar, once activated, pinpoints the location of a stolen vehicle every 20 seconds. If your vehicle is moved illegally we locate it using the Global Positioning System (GPS) in your Trackstar vehicle tracking unit. If your vehicle is moved without the use of its keys outside of its geofence, the unit will notify us and we will contact you immediately.

• Trackstar is the only Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover and BMW approved Stolen Vehicle Tracking & Recovery product, and is approved for installation throughout the UK automotive industry.

• In just 6 months Trackstar recovered a total value of £1,082,062 worth of BMW’s alone; with the shortest recovery time of only 8 minutes!

*Crime in England and Wales

WHY HAVE A SPECIALIST INSTALLER? There are several good reasons why your Trackstar should be installed by a motorcaravan Trackstar specialist, and here are just a few of them.

1. It is imperative that the installation is covert. The thief must not be aware that he is in a vehicle that is being tracked. Obviously therefore, as a specialist motorcaravan security company, Van Bitz are in the best possible position to install Trackstar in your motorcaravan.VB logo

2. Van Bitz is in a unique position regarding motorcaravans. By installing the impressive Strikeback range of motorcaravan security products, we have an unrivalled depth of experience and knowledge of motorcaravans.


4. Van Bitz has been installing motorcaravan security equipment since the late eighties. We started installing GPS / GSM based tracking devices as far back as 1996 so have an greater depth of experience than, probably any other specialist motorhome company.

WHY Trackstar™ and not another company? Over the last 16–17 years, Van Bitz has seen any number of companies come and go in the tracking market. It is a very expensive business to set up properly and there are no short cuts.

We have direct first hand knowledge of several companies that have been busy and innovative in the motorhome market for twelve months or so, they then go into liquidation being unable to keep the investment going that is needed to make a viable and profitable business. OK I hear you all say; these things happen all the time, so why worry?

The simple fact is that if you pay to have equipment fitted to your motorhome and the monitoring company goes bust, your system is useless! So you have lost the money you paid for the equipment, the money you paid for the installation and the money that you have paid for the monitoring and maintenance. In short, a waste of time and money. We have seen it with Ross Autotronics, LEO (Low Earth Orbit), Eagle Eye, Recall, Telematics, Sky Net and Scamp to name just a few.

Trackstar™ is the largest GPS/GSM tracking company on the market, constantly improving the system the service and the systems’ benefits. Nothing in life is guaranteed but, if Van Bitz is going to recommend and install a tracking system, it has to be the best system and the Company providing the service, back up and monitoring for our customers, has to be as secure as we can reasonably expect them to be.

We also understand some people may feel they would like to take more of a gamble with their safety and their vans’ security by saving a small amount of money on the monitoring, or saving the equivalent of a couple of tanks of fuel. We do understand, but we don’t care. We will and have only ever offered the best products from the best companies available to us, and we know the frustration of saving a few pounds and repenting at leisure watching it all go wrong!

PAN EUROPEAN COVER Tracked across 42 Countries This standard feature means that no matter where your motorhome is stolen, whether it’s Park Lane, Paris or Portugal, your motorhome will be instantly located. Trackstar will track your vehicle until it is recovered.  Unlike any others Trackstar coverage includes*: Andorra, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Estonia, France, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, UK and Ukraine.

Our Eurowatch service allows us access to Control Centres across Europe and even South Africa. The local control centres provide a complete understanding of local laws and languages allowing the recovery to be resolved even quicker. *this list may change from time to time

  •  Trackstar Protector 2 CAT6 The in-vehicle Trackstar unit provides the vehicle’s exact location, speed and direction using GPS positioning. This technology does not rely on the stolen vehicle being near to an appropriately equipped police car, and therefore means tracking can commence quickly and effectively even if a police car is not immediately available.
  • Endorsed by all Police Authorities 
  • Protects against unauthorised movement 
  • Insurance approved – may reduce premiums 
  • Pan-European Cover as standard 
  • Meets The British Insurance Industry’s Quality Accreditation Process 
  • Leading edge GPS and integrated Motion Sensor technology 
  • Operational 24 hours a day 365 days a year via the Trafficmaster Control Centre 
  • Trackstar is the only Stolen Vehicle Tracking product approved by Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover and BMW 
  • The Trafficmaster system is approved by over 20 major car manufacturers 
  • Recovery of assets from as little as 8 minutes! 
  • Approved for both Thatcham Category 5 and Category 6* 

Vehicle theft is an unfortunate fact of modern living. However, with the comprehensive security systems new vehicles offer, you are covered against most types of potential car theft. Despite this fact, the ever increasing levels of sophistication in car/key theft mean you don’t always know who is around the corner. Vehicle theft is as inconvenient as it is distressing and there is a strong possibility that, without Trackstar, your vehicle may never be recovered! *CAT6 Trackstar Protector2

Trackstar CAT5

Trackstar CAT5 is a Thatcham Category 5 system for vehicle theft detection and recovery. In addition to the CAT6 features, the Trackstar CAT5 system has a unique wireless tag paired to the tracking unit. If this tag is not present, the system sends an alarm when the car is driven off. The monitoring centre will then attempt to call the driver or owner to verify if there is a theft situation, and track the motorhome. This process is designed to address ‘key theft’ and ensures that the police are notified at the earliest opportunity. The engine can be prevented from starting by a remote command from the monitoring centre.

• Activates automatically when you leave the vehicle

• Detects if the vehicle is towed away

• Detects if the vehicle battery is disconnected

• Detects attempts to tamper with the tracking system

• Low quiescent drain (compared to many competitor systems)

• Approved for fitment to all current BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover/Range Rover vehicles

• Full conformance and electro-magnetic compatibility testing backed by the appropriate manufacturer warranty

• Pan-European service (with priority access to the police in more than 44 European countries)

• The subscription includes pan-European cover and unlimited usage roaming SIM card

• Recognised by insurance companies


WHAT IS GPS? AND HOW DOES TRACKING WORK?  The Global Positioning System, or GPS, consists of 24 Military satellites in orbit 12,000 miles above the Earth. The satellites transmit time and positional information to GPS receivers throughout the world. From this information, Trackstar and other positional devices determine where your motorhome is, the direction in which your motorhome is travelling, and at what speed.

Operating 24 hours a day in any weather and 365 day a year, nothing can interfere with the satellites. Being military satellites, only the US Department of Defence has control over them making them ultra secure.

So, the GPS receiver in your motorhome knows exactly where the motorhome is at all times, but how does this information help in the event of the motorhome being stolen or you being personally attacked?

A crucial component of the Trackstar Motorhome Tracking System is the MODEM, which effectively connects your motorhome to the extensive GSM telephone network. When the system is activated it obtains the positional co-ordinates from the GPS satellites and transmits an encrypted code by GSM (Global System for Mobile Telecommunication) SMS (Short Message Service) messages to the central monitoring centre.

These longitude and latitude co-ordinates are transposed on to high scale maps that can be tracked at the time or can be stored to be played or reviewed later. An information dialogue box also gives information such as motorcaravan speed and direction etc.

This information is then used to direct the relevant Police Authority to assist in retrieving the motorcaravan by passing the exact address location directly into the control room. This has the added benefit of ensuring in most cases that the Police actually catch the people who carried out the crime.

HOW IT ACTUALLY WORKS Earth Station/Central Monitoring Centre National Control Centre The Central Monitoring Station is located just outside Milton Keynes and because of past records, every call put into the Police from the monitoring centre can be taken seriously. Should a motorcaravan fitted with Trackstar be lost anywhere within the operation area, the information will be passed directly to the relevant local control centre (please note exceptions apply for the European cover). High ongoing investment levels are required to maintain the industry approvals, and their impressive client list is testimony to their unrivalled service, operation and credentials. With its secure environment and back-up systems, Trackstar provides the ultimate monitoring service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

STREET LEVEL MAPS As specified by the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Guidelines to Companies of Police Policy on Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems, street level mapping is installed on Trackstar software so that the most accurate and detailed information can be given to Police officers. Don’t forget that the better the information given to the Police, the greater chance the Police have of recovering your motorhome and actually catching and prosecuting the culprits. So, accuracy is paramount. In an injury situation precious minutes can save lives. Trackstar can pin point you down to even which side of the road your vehicle is on!

CUSTOMER INTEGRITY Another important part in the effectiveness of Trackstar is you – the customer! For the system to work, all stops must be pulled out when Trackstar is activated. If the system self-actives due to attempted ‘hot-wire’ an immediate and serious response is required. However, continued abuse or lack of intelligent caution would result in either Trackstar or the Police Authorities taking less notice and not responding seriously or urgently. This ultimately would mean that all subscribers to the system would suffer. There will be certain procedures that will need to be observed. When the vehicle is worked on for example, the UK customer desk will need to be notified, for a ‘work in progress’ notice to be placed on your motorcaravan. This sounds somewhat dictatorial, but as the system has many automatic trigger functions you can start to see the point. Imagine the police screaming up to your local garage just to find out that some hapless chap has triggered the Trackstar in the process of working on the motorcaravan. Nobody would be too impressed. In the same way, if you were to go on holiday without the van you would be expected to advise the Customer Support Desk. However, you can call the Customer Services Department on 01234 759138 up to 6 times a year and Trackstar will perform a test track to give you peace of mind. So, with Privilege comes Responsibility. We would prefer to sell fewer systems to conscientious people  rather than sell more systems to irresponsible people.  Which group would you prefer to be in?

INSTALLATION GUIDE Once you have decided to have Trackstar installed in your motorcaravan, simply call our sales hot line on 01823 321992 – 01823 353235 fax 01823 354946. When you make a booking you will be expected to pay a deposit of £120.00 which is non-refundable. Normally Van Bitz will need to organise the commissioning of your Trackstar 24 hours before the installation date. This ensures that all the information is correctly recorded on the computer systems so that the system is ‘live’ to enable us to install the equipment and test the installation as we work. However, we do keep limited stocks of ‘live’ Trackstar units ‘on the shelf’ so last minute decisions can normally be catered for. Our workshops are constantly busy and this should not present a problem, but please bear this in mind if you need to have Trackstar installed urgently.

Prices start from only  £199.00

Standard installation is:

  • Trackstar GPS positioning system interfaced GMS – SMS Modem.
  • Covert GPS Receiver.
  • Covert GSM Antenna.
  • 24 Hour protection – Motion Sensor, Battery Back-up.
  • Trackstar interfaced with existing Category II/factory fitted immobiliser.

Trackstar Protector 2 CAT6

  1.  – when simultaneously installed with Strikeback Growler £199.00
  2.  – when simultaneously installed with Strikeback £299.00
  3.  – when installed  without Strikeback £399.00 Trackstar


CAT5 £759.00

Vehicles without a factory fitted immobiliser + £200.00 (pre 1997 and RV’s)

If you wish to arrange an installation or you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our us on 01823 321992 or 353235 or fax: 01823 354946.

MONITORING CHARGES Trackstar is not cheap and from the original concept it was never designed to be. A fusion of expertise and cutting edge technology, backed up 24 hours a day, 365 days a year could never be expected to be cheap and work efficiently. However it is not expensive. The annual monitoring fee for Trackstar Protector 2 UK and European coverage is £168 inc vat which represents 46p per day and £198.00 inc vat for Trackstar CAT5 which represents 54p per day.

Compare this to the cost of parking your motorcaravan in an unsecured car park for a morning! Also, there has been any number of smaller tracking companies offering the ‘Earth’ over the years. Many, if not most, have failed because of the extremely high operating costs to run an effective operation. There are many motorhome owners out there that have paid good money for tracking equipment, only to find that their monitoring company has gone into liquidation therefore leaving them with useless equipment in their motorhomes. So, please consider all the facts before making a decision, not just the cost.

Remember, ‘cheap’ is normally ‘different’ and very rarely is ‘cheap’ better value; it’s just ‘cheap’.

The capital equipment costs can, in the main, be salvaged as it is intended that most private users would have Trackstar transferred from motorhome to motorhome. However, if you do think that you will keep your motorcaravan for 3 years, a further amount can be saved if you want to pay for a 3 year monitoring contract. £399.00 inc vat is a one off payment for Trackstar Protector 2 and £549.00 inc vat for Trackstar Cat5

CAT5. INSTALLATION AND RELATED MATTERS At Van Bitz the installation of the system usually takes up to ½ a day. If it is more convenient, when you contact us to book an installation date you can arrange to arrive the previous evening and stay on one of our safe, gravelled and level overnight parking places with mains hook-up on our campsite. We have an excellent toilet block with central heating making it suitable for all year use. We also offer one night camping completely free of charge when the installation is being carried out. Cornish Farm is approximately 3 miles from Junction 25 on the M5 and only 2 miles from the town centre.

On the installation day, once the motorhome is in our workshop, we have a courtesy car to drop you off in Taunton Town Centre. If the weather is being unkind, or you do not wish to spend time in town, we have a very smart, warm and comfortable reception area with television and complimentary hot drink facilities.

Cornish Farm Shoreditch Taunton Somerset TA3 7BS Phone: 01823 321992 / 353235 – Fax: 01823 354946

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Whilst the job is being completed at Van Bitz we also include one free night at Cornish Farm Touring Park Luxury camping in the heart of Somerset Web site: Email:

If you do not buy this system from Van Bitz and buy direct from Trackstar, you could be paying up to an additional £211.00 for the same Trackstar Unit installation.