Strikeback with GrowlerTM

It’s all gone wrong! If you’re a victim of crime, your now part of the blame! No one cares about how you feel! The state seems only to care about the Human Rights and the Health and Safety of the burglar. This cannot be right or fair.

Not only do you have to contend with the emotional stress and fear that naturally occurs when you are a victim of crime, but now you have the added anxiety that should you dare defend yourself that, you will also end up being sued or even jailed. How can this be right and how on Earth did we allow this stupid situation to occur?

Once we had to defend ourselves from attack, and then as society became more controlled we handed many of our rights to defend ourselves and our property to the authorities. By not taking the law into our own hands we relied on the Police and the Courts to deal with criminals. That was great until they forgot why they are there, and who they are supposed to protect. The Government is no better! As soon as they catch a thief it seems a whole barrage of reports have to be compiled, social reports, medical reports, psychological reports. The victim? Probably doesn’t even warranty a visit from the Police, you will be given a Crime Reference Number (CRN) “So you can make a claim on your insurance” and you’ll be left to it. It’s all gone wrong! If your lucky you make get a telephone call from the victim support unit a few days later.

No one seems to be interested in punishment. Rehabilitation is what we hear today. The authorities don’t seem to understand that the majority of the community are happy to see rehabilitation if it works, but if not the fact that the bad people are locked up makes us happy! People locked up in jail cannot commit crimes, so if we have to keep them there so be it. If it costs too much, take more away from the prisons. Make the total fear of going back to prison the rehabilitation. So what’s to be done

Well! To protect our motorhomes, we can’t use violence to defend them but that doesn’t mean that we have to make it easy or pleasant for a thief to make the mistake of trying to steal or rob a motorhome protected by Growler™
Growler™ is the loudest most powerful multi sirened motorhome security system on the market. A wall of noise confronts the thief from the FIVE powerful sirens installed inside and outside, front and rear of the motorhome. A palpable, audible barrier. The cacophony of noise is simply so unpleasant, a potential thief simply does not want to stay in or around your motorhome: It is simply to painful. External deterrent, flashing LED warning lights to the front, rear and caravan door side. Upgradeable to accept the ONLY THATCHAM accredited wire sensors for roof lights and other vulnerable areas, including wire free security for roof mounted satellite systems. Exterior “Loop” security system for tow cars, trailers or bikes. Full panic function, plus much much more:

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