I see a lot of threads singing the praises of Vanbitz, here is my 5 pence worth….

The booking process was flawless, the wait was ages but if they are busy that’s not a bad thing right?
We had a phone call last week to make sure we are still good for this week, we were.
We arrived at Cornish Farm ( Free nights stay with alarm fitting ), after speaking to the warden who I must say was a splendid chap, we pitched up on a nice hard standing with electric, quiet excellent maintained site with very clean facilities, actually one of the cleanest I have ever visited.
Moved the 100 yards to the Vanbitz yard at 8:30 in the morning where we were greeted by a smiling member of staff, shown where to park, ran through all the options and explained exactly what was going to happen, shown where we could sit and have a coffee while we waited for an FOC lift into Taunton town. Our driver gave us excellent options for breakfast and lunch :)
Headed back to site around 3:30 ( at our cost but was only £4 on the bus ) where we waited about 20 mins for them to finish then had a thorough run through of how it works and what we needed to do in case a number of scenarios happened.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I had service like that from ANY company, everything was perfect.

Great job and well done Vanbitz.
The journey home was through some less than pleasant weather but we are now back safely and both wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to all at Cornish Farm.
We felt we were in very safe hands and the service was much appreciated. I would like to add that the shopping in Taunton was excellent but that will have to wait for another trip 😉 many thanks and best wishes Di and Ernest January 2017
Once again, big thank you to Van Bitz @eddievanbitz for a job well done. Had 5 days on Cornish Farm having various bits and pieces fitted by this excellent company.
John Sept 
Just a big thank you to all the Staff at Van Bitz. As usual a first class job when fitting the Strikeback Alarm system to my new Motorhome.  Also a second visit last week to install a Satellite system.Again the usual high standards were maintained.
Well worth the wait to ensure that my new Motorhome had the staff at Van bitz to maintain their usual quality installation.  Also the Fun discount was a bonus. Their long waiting list is well worth the wait. Having been a customer for 15 years-I can recommend their attention to detail. Many thanks.  Keith&Sandra. August

At Vanbitz this week for sat dome fitting, even though roof space limited due to solar panel and air con a suitable position was found and the unit fitted to vanbitz usual high standard, many thanks to Ashley who went through all the options available to me and also many thanks to vanbitz for fitting me in at very short notice, as previous posters have said vanbitz is really the only place to go, they are the best, I have had all my vehicles fitted with strikeback alarms and 2 with sat domes, I can quite honestly say that I have in all vehicles since 1998 I have never had one false alarm, every one has worked as it should and I would never consider going anywhere else. Don April 216

Just got home after having growler, non starter and new Avtex TV fitted at Vanbitz.  Big thanks to all the staff especially Ashley for answering all our stupid questions and demonstrating the difference between strikeback and growler and also to Nicholas for patiently running through the alarm functions at the end of the day.  Fantastic family business where nothing is too much trouble and all the staff are passionate and very professional about everything they do.
For us Vanbitz is the only place to go for alarm, tracker etc even though it is a 500 mile round trip
after our experience at Vanbitz we would not trust our motorhome with anybody else and would recommend them to anybody. We met a couple of funsters while staying at Cornish farm and also introduced our neighbour to fun and he was going home to join up.  Gary,Janet and Ruby April 2016

Sat in the sun at Cornish farm after having our lovely 120 watt solar panel fitted plus a growler and a non starter thing. Ash was very patient explaining it all but I am a bit befuddled. We can practice tonight and then have a revision class in the morning if necessary! All the staff were cheerful and so helpful.
Cornish farm is lovely, spotlessly clean and tidy, wardens nice and friendly. Taxi back from town was £7. No Nick does not need a fancy aerial to watch damn football rubbish, I put my foot down….. 

We can tell you about just how hard we try, it’s better when our customers tell you. All of our reviews are to be found on our Van Bitz Facebook page HERE

Good morning Ashley

Just a line to send our appreciation of the job well done on fitting Strikeback to our Frankia. Thank you for the courtesy and expertise.

Jim from Exmouth

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From a satisfied customer

Dear Lynn

I hope that all is well at VB with business, yourselves & dogs. I have been meaning to write for some time, however we have been here, there & everywhere, over the past few weeks since the work on our MH at VB.

I would like to start by saying a BIG THANK YOU for everything, the entire process from initial enquiries to completed works was a perfect consumer experience, an almost unheard of quality in today’s society. To briefly expand on what I mean….. My initial enquiries (& there were a few) were always met with kind, professional & prompt replies, there was no ‘hard sale’ or putting other products or businesses down, just a simply explanation of the products I enquired about. As a retired police officer, I tend to do my homework before committing to most purchases from afar, this is especially true when dealing with a product that only costs £1000+, but is also entrusted with protecting an expensive item like our Hymer MH. Therefore, you can take it from me that I did extensive research into both VB &  your SB alarm. Despite spending hours trawling through websites, forums, review centres etc, all I could really find was exceptionally positive information about yourselves & your products…. I know nothing in life is perfect, but I still couldn’t find anything that was going to stop me from committing to purchasing your products.

An appointment was made, a simple task normally, but you even arranged it so that I could attend our supplying dealer nearby, for some warranty repairs on the MH prior to the SB being fitted… this saved me a 400 mile return journey from Sussex to Somerset. This was even further enhanced when I had to cancel the original appointment, and re-book, again fitting in with the supplying dealer to save that extra journey.

The FOC offer to stay the night  before at your wonderful Cornish Farm site was perfect… hassle free & everything there I needed, plus it meant I was there first thing for the work.

I must admit that I was truly struck by my first impressions of the workshop crew, as soon as a pulled up in front of the garage I was met with nothing less than pure professionalism, it was more like a clinical experience, 3 guys all getting on with their specific tasks whilst the person in charge ran through exactly what I wanted making sure that nothing was missed and that I was FULLY aware of what was taking place (having been through cancer treatment – I can tell you that the way in which I was met & dealt by the team with was as meticulous as that I had experienced through my big C treatments… I can not fault a single thing or offer any feedback on how you can improve, as I would give you a perfect score). You even gave me a lift into Taunton to spend a very enjoyable day in the town. The day was rounded off by playing with your gorgeous GSD, who initially just wanted to tease me with his ball but eventually decided that it was more fun to share it! 

Finally the guys fully demonstrated the alarm & the items fitted so that I was conversant on how to use it, before paying the bill, which at first might seem to some as ‘pricey’, HOWEVER I am more than happy with the product / service, which I feel is extremely good value for money (I was even given a discount for being a member of MotorHomeFun), as it is simply the best alarm system you can possibly put on a MH. Basically………A perfect day / experience… Thanks!

Please feel free to use any of the above as a customer recommendation or pass my details to any prospective customer & I will gladly endorse VB & SB.

Just one question or possible item of feedback…… the instructions for the alarm are fine but I was wondering if you held an electronic version of them on your system…. the reason I ask…. as a retired detective / crime prevention officer….. is it would be easier to keep a copy of these on my smart phone so they are always with me & can be safely encrypted so only we can get access to them, instantly if need be, a much better idea than carrying a hard copy in the van when travelling, just in case the worse happened?

Finally, I hope that all is well with your dogs, I don’t know if you recall our conversation about my mums dog & the amazing vet who saved her life…. he has been back on the TV recently….. here is a link to his show & will give you an idea of what he can do, where most vets cant.  … here’s Noel Fitzpatricks TV thing ……

Best Wishes to you all at VB


David Snashall

From a satisfied customer

I was down in Taunton this weekend having the strikeback alarm fitted to my motorhome. Let me say its a 350 mile round trip for me and I’d still highly recommend it. I know I could have gone to Warrington to get one fitted, but I wanted to go the producers and Lynn and Eddie have a great reputation. The cornish farm touring park is lovely, we got a lift into town by our very own tour guide Eddie, who gave us some history of the town. The alarm was fitted and I was extremely pleased. Eddie and the team are true professionals, even when I had a stupid question about my heating not appearing to work as the light wasnt on. Eddie popped in and turned the thermostat up and hey presto it came on! He resisted the urge of calling me an idiot and said it was no problem LOL I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a superb alarm system. Travelling is well worth it. Thanks Eddie Lynn and team (Motorhome Fun Dec 2013)

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Just back home from a very cold and wet Somerset with Ruby now all fully alarmed and gassed up and can’t get over what a fantastic bunch they are at VanBitz. They really are so friendly and provide you with so much information to help you make YOUR informed decision on exactly what suits your own personal circumstances – no hard sell just a genuine desire to provide brilliant customer service which is what they did for us:-). Lynn even went so far as to check out the Taunton pubs so we knew which ones would accept us and Toby for an extended lunch! Thanks to James for talking us through all our alarm options and thanks to the guys who fitted the gaslow system and took the trouble to ring us in Taunton with a couple of options for fitting the external filler……a lot of companies we have dealt with in the past would have just ploughed ahead and left us with what they thought we’d want but not these guys they all care about the customer. And finally what a great little site Cornish Farm is, superbly maintained, spotless facilities and friendly wardens……..what more could you want?……maybe some sun next time (MotorhomeFUN Nov 2013)

Van Bitz being discussed on Motorhome Fun

Van Bitz being discussed on Motorhome Fun

Van Bitz being discussed on Motorhome Facts

I’ve recently had a Strikeback fitted by Van Bitz ( it’s true they are as great as everyone says they are!). I agree it’s personal choice, for me the alarm makes me feel safer at night knowing that I’m more protected in the van when I sleep. I work away and stay in the van ( on a campsite) and as a lone female it’s that added peace of mind. Worth every penny! Motorhome FUN (Nov 2013)

John H wrote

Hi Eddie, We have been doing our Alan Rogers inspections recently and I wanted to thank you for your perseverance with our Alden Flat Sat. Eventually with the half moon satellite receiver it works and every time. It is a bit more of a pain in the a*** with not having all the controls in one and the fact that my Maplins box has to have the cupboard door open to use the remote control, but hey, it works and works. Thanks again to you and the staff at VanBitz for putting up with a grumpy old man.

Carole and Alan emailed

Hi, i would just like to thank you for hassle free installation of the alarm to our van recently, and the very pleasant setting of your camp site, with spotless facilities. Also i would like to thank you for the recent assistance via a telephone call, when the habitation door alarm wasn’t working, and the very swift posting of the stronger battery to rectify the issue. All in all, i can only say you have yet another very satisfied customer, who will definitely recommend you & your site to friends. Thanks again Carole & Alan

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Jeff S Writes from Germany:Hi James, Thought I would just write and let you know the Strikeback Alarm you fitted for me less than two weeks ago has had it’s first real test. The van is parked up on the drive in Draycott but I am in Birmingham. I duly received the SMS to both my German and English phones and called my 73 year old mother who was at the house. She witnessed some youths running away and on checking the van found I had left a small locker open which I’m sure set off the alarm when the youths were practising their future careers. Fortunately, they must have shut the locker as they sped away letting the alarm reset itself. Perfect! On my return journey from Germany I was so tired I considered postponing my appointment with you until I had registered the van. I’m so glad I didn’t. I hope it was enough for them not to return.
He went on to say

Secondly, I am now of the opinion that the full Growler system would have been better. Yes, I had the chance but at the time I just thought perhaps like others, that the outside noise is enough. But having tested the alarm while inside I have to say, it isn’t that disturbing to the ears as it is when outside. What I mean is, if someone say climbed in a window or roof light and the microwave sensor caught them, the noise outside perhaps wouldn’t disturb them so much therefore giving them the feeling they have more time to rob something. I should have taken your advice. Perhaps if I have time before I travel I will return and have this fitted.

This was a customer of another Company that had installed a satellite system, but when it came to it couldn’t assist with the upgrades and technical backup (another factor to consider when choosing a satellite installation company! Alden had advised to purchase a new component, which was going to cost about £400.00 Step in Van Bitz :-

Good morning Eddie, Just a short note to thank you, once again, for helping this pesky customer sort out his Alden sat system yesterday afternoon. I could see that you and your team were all very busy and your making the effort to fit me in at such short notice to ensure my set up worked in Europe later in the week was doubly appreciated. Checked everything again when I returned home last evening and it is functioning 100 per cent. South beam of Astra 2 instantly available – despite the Alden factory saying it was not possible. Many thanks from a more than satisfied customer. Regards, Dick Worrall Hello Eddie, Just back from my extended trip to Portugal and I thought that I’d drop you a line to let you know how my Alden Sat System, that you found time to work on for me just before I left, performed. I have been travelling to the Algarve, Portugal every year for more years than I care to remember. Both my previous Alden system (with a bigger dish) and this one usually began to lose the BBC/ITV channels midway down through the country leaving me with almost nothing but Sky and BBC news 24 by the time I reached the Algarve. I dont know what magic you worked on my system but wherever I went (from east to west along the Algarve and all over the centre of the country) I was able to receive ALL my favourites BBC and ITV channels including BBC 1 in the South. Whats more, I never had to even bother to switch over to Astra 2’s South Beam – I remained on North for the whole trip! The system was receiving the signal even when blokes next to me with larger dishes were not. I have never had such wonderful reception. TV-wise, thank you for making my trip such a great one!