Waeco MSI1812T 1800watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter


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Waeco 1800watt inverter


Waeco MSI1812T 1800watt Pure sine Wave inverter


(Listed below are some standard Specification of the 1800watt inverter:)

Sine wave inverter, 1800 watts
Input voltage: 12 volts DC (10.5 – 16 volts) or 24 volts DC (21 – 32 volts)
Output voltage/shape: 230 volts AC / pure sine wave ~
Output frequency: 50/60 Hz
No load current input: 0.2 A
Continuous output: 1800 watts
Peak output: 3900 watts
Efficiency: up to 92%
System: Overload and short circuit protection, sleep mode.
MSI 1812T / MSI 1824T: integrated mains priority circuit
Dimensions (WxHxD): 197.5 x 94.3 x 376 mm
Weight: MSI 1812 / MSI 1824: 5.0 kg
MSI 1812T / MSI 1824T: 6.5 kg
Test mark: e-certified (Automotive EMC Directive)
Type of protection: equivalent to IP 21
Item designation: SinePower MSI 1812, 1800 watts, 12 volts
Ref. No.: 9102600115
Item designation: SinePower MSI 1812T, 1800 watts, 12 volts
Ref. No.: 9102600117
Item designation: SinePower MSI 1824, 1800 watts, 24 volts
Ref. No.: 9102600116
Item designation: SinePower MSI 1824T, 1800 watts, 24 volts
Ref. No.: 9102600118
Accessories DC connection cable for MSI 1312/1324, MSI 1812/1824, MSI 1812T/1824T, MSP 1012/1024 and MSP 1512/1524, 35 mm², 1.5 m
Ref. No.: 9102700002
  Standard remote control
Ref. No.: 9102600026
  Comfort remote control
Ref. No.: 9102600001
Contents, specifications and availability are subject to changes serving the technical improvement.


This is an example of a Pure Sine wave inverter system that we would typically install onto our customers ring main on their Motorhome or Caravan. Everybody’s individual requirements are completely different.

Here listed below are a few questions we ask and also get asked:

How long you intend to use the system depending on what you are running in one usage.

For what periods of time?

What wattage output is the equipment you are using?

What equipment Are you using?

Does the inverter need to be installed to the motorhome or caravans ring main or do you require the one dedicated socket?

All these questions and many more we will be happy to discuss in further detail. Please get in contact with one of our Sales Team where we will be able to discuss the possible and correct requirements to suit you best..

An additional product we would recommend would be the Waeco MCR-9 remote control switch panel. this means the inverter does not need to be accessed every time to turn off and on. This item is priced @ £70.99. installation depends where the customer requires the panel installed @ TBA


(The picture below is an example of what the MCR-9 looks like)

mcr9 remote panel

additional recommended remote panel


The Inverter shown is priced @ £829.00

Total installed price c/w mains priority circuit @ £1269.00

(Parts and labour will vary depending if the system will be added to the ring main of the motorhome or caravan @ TBA)

Overnight Camping at Cornish farm Touring Park whilst the work is carried out @ Included



Waeco MSI1812T 1800watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter