Sterling Pro Charge Ultra Battery Charger 12V 40A


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Sterling Pro Charge Ultra Battery Charger 12V 40A


Procharge Ultra 50A


Our new line of, Power Factor Corrected Battery Chargers set a new standard of what you should expect from your battery charger when it comes to features, performance & price. As these chargers are digitally controlled it is possible to simply add these chargers in parallel or series to achieve larger voltages or currents.

Years of experience in the battery charging industry has provided us the insight to include everything we could possibly think of and combine it all into the Pro Charge Ultra.

This exceptionally efficient power factor corrected battery charger runs on any global AC power source between 90-270 volts (freq 40-70Hz). The unit requires less input power, liberates less waste energy and is still remarkably lightweight with a small footprint.

What is a Pro Charge Ultra?


The ultimate in global battery charging
Global Input Power
11 Pre-programmed battery charge curves
One customizable charging profile
Four Step Battery Charging
Three battery outputs and one common negative
Two Digital Meters
One power meter
Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)
Synchronized Rectification Output
High Voltage de-sulphation cycle
Stand-by Mode
Digital Microprocessor Controlled High Voltage Protection System (Primary)
An emergency backup analog controlled high voltage trip (Secondary)
Constructed of rust resistant marine grade materials
Designed and built to standards
32 LED Information Panel
Remote port for optional remote control w/ 10 meter cable
Battery temperature sensor included.
The printed circuit boards are conformal coated for high humidity operations.
Thermostatically controlled force draft cooling


Please clink on the link below to see the full facts information Sterling sheet

Pro Charge ULtra full facts sheet


Cost of the 40A Pro Charge Ultra charger @ £410.34

Installation charge (Estimated average 3-4 hours depending on existing set up) @ £180.00-£240.00

Estimimated parts @ £100-£150.00

Overnight Camping at Cornish Farm Touring Park whilst the work is carried out @ Included

For any additional questions or for further information please get in contact with one of our Team.


Sterling Pro Charge Ultra Battery Charger 12V 40A

Procharge Ultra 60A.2

sterling pro ultra 40a mains charger

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