Oyster Vision III 85 Fully Automatic Satellite System with AutoSkew


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oyster vis III Auto Skew

Oyster Vision III Autoskew

Oyster Vision III 85 Fully Automatic Satellite System with AutoSkew

with single LNB

(Twin LNB option also available)


If you travel to the remote reaches of the world and appreciate satellite reception at the highest level of convenience, the Oyster® is your system of choice.

The 85-cm antenna dish of the Oyster® system provides TV and radio programmes throughout Europe, in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Also, the system is very tolerant against adverse reception conditions in poor weather. This is due to the large size of the antenna dishes, which significantly influences number and reception quality of programmes.

The name Oyster describes the main feature: When closed, the precious internal parts are protected like a pearl in its shell. When open, you can enjoy the benefits – on your TV screen. The intelligent software accelerates the readiness for reception of radio and TV programmes.



  • 85-cm antenna dish for optimal reception range
  • Digital satellite search
  • Fully automatic search within 30 – 60 seconds (typically)
  • Automatic retraction at vehicle start
  • High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials
  • 5-year warranty and reliable service
  • *Swivel-head technology: Only the head swivels,
    the antenna body stays fixed.
  • Aerodynamic, water-repellent design: low air-resistance, no freezing in winter.
  • Space-saving assembly
  • Latching swivel-axle when system is retracted:
    no wear of mechanical parts.





oyster vis III closed

Dish in closed parked position


Operational voltage – 12/24v
Maximum current – 10 A
Dish size – 85 cm
Height when stowed – 22 cm
Maximum height when locked on – 110 cm
Receiver compatibility – all European
Weight – Approx. 14/15 kg
LNB single – 0.3 dB
Programmed satellited – 13

oyster control display

Oyster control lcd display box

Reception ranges

The reception ranges indicated represent the approximate core ranges. Outside these ranges, reception may be possible, but programme variety may be limited.

ASTRA 2 A (Yellow outline) transmits all important Sky programmes in the United Kingdom, Irleland, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy and parts of Eastern Europe (Oyster 85 will be recommended for journeys beyond the British Island).

ASTRA 2 D (Red outline) transmits all important Freesat / Free-To-Air programmes in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland (Oyster 85 will be recommended for journeys beyond the British Island).

footprint 85cm dish

Footprint of 85cm dish system


The Vision III system has now the benefited added option of the Autoskew For optimal reception at the limits of the reception ranges in South-Western and South-Eastern regions, the LNB may have to be rotated in order to compensate the polarization deviation – or SKEW angle – caused by the earth’s curvature. The SKEW option provides a fully automatic adjustment of the LNB in order to obtain maximum reception range. The Oyster® system automatically detects the direction into which the LNB must be rotated and performs the adjustment by means of an electric motor.



Oyster now offer their Premium range where they have teamed up with Avtex. This means that the Avtex T.V will control the Oyster system meaning only one remote is needed making this a very easy operational set up.

Please ask for further information..

The price of this system is £2150.00

Standard installation charge to the one main T.V point @ £240.00

Installation charge to additional T.V points @ TBA

Twin LNB upgrade for SKy+ recording function or the ability to watch two different stations on two T.V’s @ £143.00

Overnight Camping at Cornish Farm Touring Park whilst the work is carried out @ Included



For any additional questions or for further information please get in contact with one of our Team.


Oyster Vision III 85 Fully Automatic Satellite System with AutoSkew

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