Oyster Caro Vision II Automatic Satellite System


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Oyster Satellite
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oyster caro vision satellite system

Oyster Caro Vision II Automatic Satellite System

If you want to see the latest news from all over the world or you don’t want to miss your favorite TV show even when travelling in far away regions, you’ll need a flexible antenna harmonized to your personal demands. The 50 cm antenna dish of the Oyster® system provides TV and radio programmes throughout Europe.

As this is one of the smaller models it is recommended when mounting space is limited.

This model is independent of receivers. This means you can plug in a receiver of your choice, whether it is a Freeview, Freesat Sky or Virgin box. However this means that some channels will require you to change the satellite you are viewing from manually using the provided control panel.

(Picture illustrates a typical Oyster Control Panel)
oyster control display

Contol display unit

The system is also very tolerant against adverse reception conditions in poor weather. The satellite dish is made from stainless steel, aviation grade aluminium and modern UV and weather resistant plastics specifically designed for exterior use.

Ingenious and practical details characterise the automatic satellite system with the presumably lowest profile worldwide:

• Support arm for additional resistance against strong winds
• Automatic latching of pivot shaft in rest position
• Durable external unit made of cast aluminium only rotates
when open, thus requiring only minimal pivot radius on the roof.

Using the provided control unit the antenna moves into the last reception position (LEM) at the touch of a button. If no image is received in this position, the automatic search function is started immediately. The back-lit display keeps you informed about the various functions.

• Fully automatic satellite aiming
• Receiver-independent with control unit and user-friendly operator panel in multiple languages: DE, GB, FR, NL, IT, ES, SE, DK, NO, FI and PT
• Operator panel designed for either recessed or surface mounting
• Software updates easy to carry out using a standard SD memory card
• LEM technology: Last Elevation Memory for reduced search times (antenna searches at the elevation angle of last reception)
• Weather-proof design
• Automatic retraction at vehicle start
• High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials
• 3-year warranty and reliable service provided by Oyster
Reception Range
Reception range for this model (Reception Range 1) shown in the above pictures. Other models may have different ranges. (This model has a smaller range than both the Oyster Satellite Systems 65cm and 85cm)
oyster sat dome footprint

astra 2 footprint

Additional Information
Name Oyster Caro Vision II Satellite TV System
Manufacturer Oyster
Availability At Last Update Fitting Subject To Workshop Loading: Please Call
Colour White
Colour – Specific White
Movement Directional
Auto/Manual Automatic

Oyster now offer their Premium range where they have teamed up with Avtex. This means that the Avtex T.V will control the Oyster system meaning only one remote is needed making this a very easy operational set up.

Please ask for further information..

The price of this system is £1755.00

Standard installation charge to the one main T.V point @ £240.00

Installation charge to additional T.V points @ TBA

Overnight Camping at Cornish Farm Touring Park whilst the work is carried out @ Included



Please note than when this product is installed by ourselves our customer will receive and manufactures 3 Year warranty.


For any additional questions or for further information please get in contact with one of our Team.

oyster caro vision folded

oyster caro in closed parked position


Oyster Caro Vision II Automatic Satellite System




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