Oyster 85 Internet Satellite system


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Oyster 85 Internet satellite system


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Oyster Digital internet Satellite syste

HDTV + FTA HD receiver with Autoskew






With the Oyster Internet, ten Haaft GmbH have integrated Internet and TV reception into one single system. At the push of a button, the intelligent system begins searching for the desired satellite. The system will automatically lock on to either the TV Satellite or the internet satellite (ASTRA 3) as defined by the user. Changing the function between TV and internet is also as simple as pushing a button.

Dependable, Europe wide internet service and individual contracts are offered from the numerous service provider

The sending of emails or surfing the web is no longer restricted thanks to the comfortable technology of the mobile internet system. Telephoning via the internet is also made possible – independent of any mobile phone network. All the communication comforts of home on the move.

Thanks to the 85 cm parabolic antenna, your favorite TV or radio channels can be enjoyed throughout Europe,  Broadband internet and TV reception for motorhomes and caravans

  • Simple operation
  • Fully automatic connection
  • Surf, email and telephone over broadband
  • First class TV reception
  • Highest German quality
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

Two way technology:

Pure satellite two way technology negates the necessity of a separate return channel. The transmission hardware makes the conventional telephone connection not necessary.

How much of roof will it take up:

Of Course this is all academic if there in insufficient space on the roof of your motorhome or you caravan.  To ensure that you are not disappointed every angle and dimension is available for you to check your space available.  Click the following link for a easy explanation :- Will it fit?


  • Digital satellite locating at the simple touch of a button
  • Fully automatic search within 30 – 60 seconds (typically)
  • Motorised optimum Skew setting
  • Interactive LNB (iLNB) offers 2-way internet functionality
  • IP modem
  • Strong transmission signal due to 85 cm parabolic antenna
  • Superb TV reception range
  • CI card slot system: 2 CI slots for encrypted channels (module and card not included)
  • Satellite mouse with channel display for concealed installation of receiver in a storage compartment
  • NEW: Software and channel list update free of charge via satellite
  • On-Screen-Display: simple and convenient control of all functions via on-screen menus
  • TV-set volume-control by Oyster remote control
  • Multiple audio and video inputs and outputs
  • Aerodynamic design for low wind resistance
  • Water repellent design means no freezing in winter
  • Highest quality constuction using robust materials
  • Automatic retraction at vehicle start
  • Height: approx. 23 cm / Weight: approx. 17 kg
  • QM certificated manufacturer with ISO 9001
  • 3 year warranty and reliable service

Specifications are subject to change without notice  –  Every available dimension is on this download  platzbedarf_oyster-85

Parabolic antenna:

The 85 cm antenna dish of the Oyster system provides TV and radio programmes throughout Europe, in Northern Afrika and the Middle East. The innovative swivel-head technology ensures extremely reduced power consumption, lower space requirement and optimised mechanical load. Being able to view specific channels or programmes will vary from time of day and location.  Please call us on 01823 321992 for more detailed information regarding this.  What you would consider essential viewing will differ from that of your fellow Countryman, so logically will vary from our European neighbours.

The centerpiece of the satellite antenna is the interactive high performance LNB, which bundles and processes the satellite signals. According to your individual needs, then, switches the signal to the bespoke HD Oyster receiver/control unit or the Newtec Modem depending on which function you have requested.

For optimal reception at the limits of the reception ranges in South-Western and South-Eastern regions, the LNB may have to be rotated in order to compensate the polarisation deviation – or SKEW angle – caused by the earth`s curvature.


HD receiver Europe”

Designed for customers for whom an easy to operate, integrated HD receiver with full functionality is an absolute must. Reception of all free to air HD channels. Further to 5000 presets for radio and TV channels, the receiver comes with HDMI, USB, Phono and headphone ports. With this system there is no need for a Free to Air Digi box



Two-way technology:
A pure satellite solution, without the need for a seperate return channel, is provided by two-way technology. This means that there is no need for a seperate telephone connection. Google “Satellite internet providers” and you will be able to compare numerous satellite providers at a cost to suit you

Connecting cable kit (5m)

The cable kit connects the satellite antenna to the control unit. It includes power cords for activating the system and a double-shielded satellite-capable HF cable. The cable kit can vary, depending on the model.

Mounting plate 50 x 37 cm

All ten Haaft antennas are installed on anodized aluminum mounting plates. As these mounting plates are bonded to the roof using a special adhesive, additional boltholes in the outer vehicle skin are not necessary. There are four studs on the mounting plate to where the system is fastened with four cap nuts. This makes it easy to remove the system from the roof for potential repair work – or when every inch in your garage or carport counts.


Operating- and mounting instructions

Of course we deliver our products always with the appropriate manual. Thus you can read all settings and operations in detail.  The mounting instructions contains detailed information about the installation of the satellite antenna.

3 years warranty and reliable service

Technical changes reserved

The price of this system is £3600.00 We have a unique, exclusive deal for subscribing Club members of www.motorhomefun.co.uk making Van Bitz, we believe the cheapest supplier in the UK.  MotorhomeFUN is the largest interactive motorhome resource available to European motorhome owners in Europe.  Certainly it is the most fun, and being owned and run by motorhome owners the most relevant and up to date. 

Standard installation charge to the one main T.V point @ £360.00  The system can be configured in within reason any way you wish, after all you will be paying the bill for the additional works.  However, we would recommend that you discuss with us the optional 12 volt Wireless router that will allow multiple users, with your permission to access the system for things such as laptops, iPads, talbets, phones and games consoles.

Installation is carried out at Cornish Farm.  Within our grounds we have a 3.5 acre, award winning campsite with luxury toilets and showers, gravelled hard standings and free WiFi

(Which is of course will be one of the last times you will need Free WiFi if your having the Oyster Internet system installed )


Please note than when this product is installed by ourselves our customer will receive a manufactures 3 Year warranty.

For any additional questions or for further information please get in contact with us on 01823 321992 or 01823353235.

Oyster 85 Internet satellite system


Oyster® Internet HDTV Dish dimensions Ø 85 cm Height ~ 23 cm Weight ~ 16 kg Fully automatic aiming 30 - 60 seconds Supply Voltage (Volt) 12 V - 24 V Max. power consumption during satellite-tracking 8 A Power consumption during receiving 3 A (internet operating) 800 mA (TV-operating, modem off) Power consumption standby (operation) 10 mA / 0 mA