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Maxview satellite

Maxview-Black-tMore information for the Maxview Precision Tripod kit?  CLICK HERE


> Pre assembled parts for quick easy set up (1)
> Easy to read elevation indicator (2)
> Magnetic LNB lock (3)
> Integrated Sat Finder (4)
> Level indicator (5)
> Satellite zone – reduces margin for error.  Check out our download for further details.


> Available in twin or single LNB options
> Dish size options 55cm or 65cm
> 2 year guarantee
> Designed and manufactured in the UK

Maxview-Black-t    The concept is very clever indeed, and the guess work has been taken out of satellite set up, to allow you to enjoy crystal clear reception where ever you are in the UK and some parts of Europe.  Traditionally the problem was two pronged. If you go for an expensive roof mounted system that is fully automatic, you flick a switch and the system is away.  However, that means that should you wish to park under a tree for shade for example or under cover you cannot use your satellite TV

However, the disadvantage of free standing systems is that they can be notoriously difficult to set up, the ground has to be perfectly level, and you are in essence trying to align a dustbin lid at a satellite some 38,000 kilometres away in the sky!

With the Maxview system, the guess work is taken out for you and it is easier than you would think.  Take a couple of minutes to watch the video above and see why if you are going to buy a portable system, it should be the Maxview Precision Tripod

> Integrated Sat Finder > Compass > Tripod with Bag > Satellite Holdall > 10m Flexible Cable* > Universal LNB > Ground Pegs > Elevation Map > Quick set up guide > Illustrated instructions *New designed Flexible Cable. Multi strand core gives added cable flexibility. > Less likely to tangle > Less likely to take a set shape from storage > Enhanced cable handling > Compact cable storage
Dimensions & Weights: 55cm variant H:156cm x W: 100cm - 6.1kg 65cm variant H:164cm x W: 100cm - 6.6kg 75cm variant H:172cm x W: 100cm - 7kg

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