Motorhome & Caravan Mobile fitting service in South & East

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Motorhome, caravan mobile fitting service south – south East


Why Van Bitz?

Many internet based business’s offer a mobile service as they simply don’t have premises for you to visit anyway.  Also, many internet business’s offer a huge network of mobile installers, but, they don’t work for, or are trained by the business your dealing with.  So your potentially between a rock and a hard place in the event of any problems! “Not my problem mate, I was paid to install it, not demonstrate it”

With Van Bitz, our staff are all trained by ourselves, are employed, full time, by Van Bitz, are fully insured, both for Public Liability but also should any problem occur during the installation (which it won’t )

The stock carried, is drawn from the Van Bitz, so it is a question of fitting the correct accessory for the right reasons, rather than being told “this is the one I brought, and it was ordered especially for you, so that’s what I’m fitting” Irrespective of if we come to you, or, you come to us, you’ll still benefit from our well proven (see our reviews above) customer service reputation.  It may often only be one man driving the van, but he isn’t a one man band!  He is part of  the Van Bitz team.

What can we install?

From our base in Taunton Somerset Van Bitz can handle the most complex installations.  However, we feel that not everything is suitable for a mobile installations. However our mobile service is equipped for a multitude of accessory installations.  Included in this is:

  • Satellite dishes from Oyster
  • Satellite domes from Megasat
  • Inverters from Dometic and Sterling power products
  • Reversing cameras from Weaco and Pioneer
  • In Dash  Navigation systems from Pioneer
  • 12 volt and 220 VAC Televisons from Avtex
  • Battery Master by Van Bitz
  • Solar Panel and MPPT regulators from Victron
  • Battery Management systems from Victron
  • Batteries from Banner
  • Batteries from Shield
  • Battery to Battery charging systems from Sterling power products
  • Gaslow systems

How does it work?

Simple:  You discuss your requirements with the Van Bitz staff as usual, either at Van Bitz in Taunton, on the phone or at the various shows that Van Bitz exhibit at, including the February and the October NEC shows.  We will happily send you literature, prices and in fact anything else that you would need to allow you make a decision what you wish to purchase.  Remember, just because your a Van Bitz “lite” customer, your still a Van Bitz customer first and foremost.

We can advise you of purchase costs, installation fee’s and offer you a fixed cost to send our mobile workshop  to your motorhome should you decide to use the service. 

We will endeavour to send you a data installation sheet, setting out the exact price that you’ll pay, and confirming the date and the time that our mobile workshop will be with you.

On the day and once your accessories have been installed and demonstrated to you and your happy with the service you can pay us.  You can pay by cash, or if you would prefer, you can pay by credit card or, by arrangement BACS


We only charge 30 pence per mile, on a return journey from our mobile location in Seaford East Sussex to to your motorhome or caravan. If you calculate that Diesel is about £1.40 a litre.  Multiply by 4.54609 makes an average price per gallon of £6.36

If you calculate a fair mixed travelling consumption of approximately 25 miles per gallon.  So in effect using an average price and an average consumption your paying about twenty six pence per mile anyway.  So why have the inconvenience of travelling to have you accessories installed to save £0.04 per mile!  Not worth the tyre wear!

Motorhome, caravan mobile fitting service south – south East