Motorhome FUN forum discounts

Motorhome FUN forum is Europes largest motorhome forum, owned and run by motorhome owners.  It is a  growing independent forum for motorhomes and people that like motorhoming. A range of benefits are open to Motorhome Fun subscribers including generous discounts
You can “belong” to the Motorhome FUN forum for free, and take advantage of the huge amount of helpful advice on offer there, but it is best to join and really join in the fun.

If you don’t get to use your motorhome as much as you would like, perhaps due to work, family or health commitments, you’ll probably really enjoy reading the antics and predicaments that some members manage to find themselves in.  If you can’t travel yet, reading other peoples opinions and experience can be really helpful in planning for your own future travels.  Many a Winters night is enjoyed by reading about motorhoming in exotic lands.

If, like many your “hands on” then Motorhome Fun forum is just right for you!  Being so much more than an a “on line resource” Motorhome Fun forum has been granted the ability to establish Fun 5 van CLs so is actively looking for members that have a field or land or even a carpark that they would like to be able to turn into a small exclusive campsite, with no hassle with planning permission.

If you enjoy attending the open air shows that are around the Country during the Summer months, then pre-booking the shows with Motorhome Fun forum will do more than save you money.

On arrival you’ll be met by a friendly face who will advise you where to park.  None of the Caravan Club nonsense of parking with military precsion here, just good old fashioned common sense.

Most shows see a marquee or shelter available and the evenings are great fun, just mixing with like minded people, some nights are filled with music, some nights just chat, but theres always smiles and laughter.  This is of course Motorhome FUN!

The Sunday morning bacon rolls are always a hit, if only to see the forum owners Jim and Sian furiously cooking the bacon.  How do you fancy cooking 110 kilos of bacon for your guests?  Well that’s what they managed at the Warners Lincoln show in 2014  However the average is a much more manageble average of 60kg – 70kg  Easy!

Many people are daunted by joining a forum, too shy? Not sure what to do? Don’t think that they have anything interesting to say?  Worried that they may be shunned or ignored?  Well you can forget all of that with Motorhome FUN forum. 

Thankfully there are very few rules, and the few rules are simple.  Be nice, don’t criticise anyones spelling or grammer, and no personal attacks.  Anyone that comes on to Motorhome Fun and starts being nasty is very quickly put down either by other members or Jim the site owner. 

It’s Motorhome FUN forum and everyone has a say and everyone has an opinion.  Equally the site is easy to use, but there are on line tutorials to help you if your unsure about anything.

However, being Motorhome FUN, everyone is keen to help.  So often, a simple “How do I ” post brings the answers you need.  As for being worried that you don’t have anyting interesting to contribute?  Well your starting off interesting, as you have or want a motorhome, which means that you want to, or do travel.  That automatically means that you have questions or experience that others will want to share with you or help you with.

You can even save money with Motorhome FUN if you decide to join.  You’ll receive a number of benefits.  The best one we think is that you’ll be able to ask Van Bitz for a 10% discount off the normal SSP on any products that we sell!

So if your thinking about having that Growler system fitted?  You’ll Save £99.99 with your Motorhome FUN discount, So well worth the £10 membership fee!

Click the banner below to visit motorhome FUN and see what a great motorhome resource the forum really is!

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