Lithium Batteries?

Has the time come to consider Lithium batteries as a main stream choice?  Charles Sterling thinks so!  After watching this latest video it is hard to argue


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For those of you that don’t want to understand the Chemistry of how Lithium batteries work, why and how they work, in essence imagine a battery as a bucket of water. 

Imagine that you can only use the top half of the water in the bucket, as  to drink (use) more that the top half of the water would damage the bucket and “all” the water would leak out forcing you to buy a new bucket and look to fill it again. That would be inconvenient and expensive.

Now imagine that you have to “carry” this heavy bucket full of water, remembering that only half of it is drinkable, everywhere you go.  So let’s just say to make the story easy, that your “bucket” holds 10 litres of water, and that you need to drink 2.5 litres every day, and that a bucket weighs say 10Kg

So you want to go on a short trip, so you must carry 2 buckets, each weighing 20 kilos to give you enough water to survive a Four day trip.

So imagine if we could give you a bucket that held 10 litres of water, but you could drink 100% of the water and not damage or shorten the life of the bucket, how much better and easier life would be? Only having to carry one bucket? Wouldn’t that be better?

Better still, what if we told you that the single bucket that you are going to have to carry, actually weighed half as much as one conventional bucket!  So in addition to the obvious benefit of carrying a single bucket of water, the new improved “Super Bucket” only weighed 5 Kilos!

This is what we mean when we talk about the advantages of Lithium batteries to the motorhome owner.

In essence, half the weight, twice the usable power, meaning that conventionally when you needed more power, you added an additional battery, doubling the weight, denting your payload.

Now, replacing one conventional battery with a Sterling Lithium battery virtually doubles the amount of usable power you have available, typically and 50% of the weight!

So if your thinking about adding an additional battery?  Think about the enormous advantage of adding TWO Lithium cells?

Four times the potential power available, at the weight of ONE conventional battery typically!

RRP £1250