E Bikes

E Bikes


We are extremely lucky in Taunton to have the head office of Nationwide E Bikes close to the town centre

We have recently purchased Gepida bikes from Nationwide eBikes and are delighted with the bikes, the service we received from the staff at Nationwide eBikes

To such an extent that we have made arrangements with Nationwide eBikes for Van Bitz customers to receive VIP treatment should they decide that they may be interested in finding out more about electric bikes.

Electric bikes are here to stay, that is in doubt, and the increase in the number of traders “popping” up at the shows, with a Transit full of electric bikes and a B&Q Gazebo proves that people buy electric bikes.  However, electric bikes are expensive, and it is important to make sure that you buy what is right for you, not the person selling you the bike, someone who perhaps you will never be able to speak to again.

That being the case, if you are thinking about buying an electric bike and you are booked into Van Bitz for installation work why not take the advantage of a one to one chat with the people at Nationwide eBikes?  Van Bitz can take you to Nationwide eBikes where you will receive complimentary Tea and Coffee (and perhaps a biscuit if your lucky) After all if you have time to kill, have a passing interest in buying an electric bike, what better way of passing some time?

When we purchased our eBikes, we went into Nationwide eBikes with a certain idea in mind and spent ages looking at different bikes and options within each range, until we settled on what we thought would be perfect for us.  A test ride, undertaken safely away from traffic was all we needed to decide to buy the bikes and the specification we had settled on.

Had we simply purchased what we originally thought that we wanted, we would have been so bitterly disappointed, yet there were plenty of people simply prepared to sell us what we “thought” we wanted, not what was best for us!

Nationwide eBikes will prepare the bikes for Van Bitz customers and then deliver you chosen bike to Cornish Farm in time for your departure