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TV in Europe? New information

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Dometic Self supporting awnings

Van Bitz are the Dometic Motorhome Centre (DMC) for the South West. Ask us to installing Dometic Self Supporting Awnings, because as a DMC we offer you, the customer many benefits, not least that you will receive a THREE year parts and labour warranty on any Dometic product we install for you.   You can browse the full range using our E brochure below.

The Dometic range of self supporting awnings, that can be fully automatic, remote controlled even have a wind sensor to close themselves should the wind get up over night or while your out. Please call us on 01823 321992 or email us for up to date pricing, availability and just as importantly to discuss which motorhomes are suitable for the self supporting Dometic awning. The following video shows how convenient the awning is. The Dometic price list is available: PRICE LIST JAN 2013 AMENDED

remote control awnings

The revolutionary self supporting awning. No legs, no winding, 12 volt operation.

Electric awnings

Sun protection without struts
Electrical operation

The electrical version of the Dometic Premium awning is an innovation that is particularly convenient and safe. A patented arm joint made from forged steel allows the awning to be used without any additional struts.

The unique sun screen and weather shelter is fully automatic and operated at the touch of a button. A standard wind sensor automatically retracts the awning when wind force reaches critical levels. Extra safety – and one thing less to worry about.

Manual awnings

Sun protection without struts
Manual operation

This new motorhome awning eclipses its competitors by doing away with inconvenient support struts – just like your canopy at home. This means you can use the entire space in front of your recreational vehicle. It completely eliminates the awkward, time-consuming setup of conventional camping awnings.

You’re bound to use your Dometic Premium Awning even during short stops by the roadside thanks to it extending in only a few seconds.


awning accessories

Treat yourself to an optional extra or two to make your awning match your requirements perfectly. The accessories listed here were developed specially for Dometic Premium awnings and can be ordered separately.


Sun protection without struts
The Dometic Premium Awning