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Oyster Satellite update

Originally posted on N0v 2012

As some may already be aware, there have been some more recent changes to the Astra 2 Satellite network that have resulted in some Oyster systems being unable to establish a lock. The problem has been caused due to the fact that a frequency from Astra 2A south (11.954 Horizontal) has been turned off and the channels relocated.

If using the now Obsolete Oyster Vision I system (large control box with a map of Europe on the front) with software from Sept 2011 onwards it is still possible to lock automatically.
If using a Sky box you will need to leave it in standby (red light) and perform an Automatic search. Once the dish is locked you will be able to watch tv as normal.
If using a Freesat or other free to air receiver you will need to select a Vertical channel before putting the Oyster on an Automatic search. The

channels recommended are either CNN or Sky News. Once your receiver is set to one of these channels put the system on an automatic search and it will lock on. Once it has you can view all channels as normal.

Please note: If the software is older than September 2011 then you will need to consult an Oyster dealer or myself at Oyster Sat-Tech.

If using the Oyster Vision II (small four button control box) the fix is relatively simple. As the unit searches you will need to press (and hold) the right hand arrow button. This will display the current frequency the system is searching for. If it is 11.954 press the left arrow three times (while still holding the right) and it will change to 12.051. Let go of the arrow and then the system will lock on.

Please note: If the mentioned frequency is not in the list please contact an Oyster dealer or myself at Oyster Sat-Tech.

Finally, if using the Oyster Digital system with integrated receiver (2007 model onward) the fix, again, is relatively simple. As the unit searches press the exit button on the remote which will stop the Oyster searching and bring the “search Satellite” menu up on the TV screen. Scroll down to “Edit Settings” and press the “Menu” button on the remote (not OK button). This will open a service menu. Scroll down to “Search Transponder/Beam” (this will most likely show “1-Europe South (H)) Scroll to the left once and it will change to 0-Europe South (V). Then simply press exit, scroll up to automatic search and press ok. The system will now lock on.

Please note: Older Digital systems may have a different menu structure. If in doubt seek advice from an Oyster dealer or myself at Oyster Sat-Tech.

Anthony Read
Technical Advisor
Oyster Sat-Tech

Oyster price cuts

Oyster have announced that they are slashing the price of the Oyster dome range in time for the October NEC  For a limited period their  German made Dome systems start from only £1299 plus installation.

This now puts this quality product in the same price range as the inferior Korean made systems that are imported into Europe and sold under a number of different names.

The 50cm domes will be available for viewing at the Van Bitz exhibition unit at the October NEC along with conventional Oyster satellite dishes.

Six months interest free credit is available (subject to status) on all of the Oyster products sold by Van Bitz, the countries leading installation station.