Avtex TV s

Avtex TVs are always kept in stock at Van Bitz.  In fact we ONLY  stock Avtex TV and we keep a full range of Avtex TV’s.  We offer a complete service for Avtex TV’s  which is why we don’t retail them on line. Please call for the most upto date price as there are often offers available.

Avtex TV’s we think are simply the best overall combination of ease of use, low power consumption, low weight “All in One” systems on the market.

Avtex TV’s come with a THREE YEAR manufacturers warranty, which if you Google it comes up trumps time and time again.

Prices vary all the time so please call us before committing yourself, buying from a box dropping company that has no real technical knowledge of the products. Or at the very least ensure that they have a “real” actual” address and check them out on Google Earth to ensure your dealing with a proper business:  Otherwise you could end up with a very expensive “Copy” or to be less polite FAKE!

If your visiting Van Bitz and having satellite equipment or other works undertaken you’ll be pleased with our ability to match most on line deals for price and of course service, so you don’t need to fall into the clutches of On line retailers and the potential hazards that can entail. Click the TV to go to the Avtex web site

Avtex TV's

Click the TV to go to the AVTEX web site for the latest product information

So if you want the best TV for your motorhome, caravan or boat from a proven supplier with 25 years experience in the leisure industry, then call us on 01823 321992 or 01823 353235 or email