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Van Bitz will be in hall 12 on stand number 165
Van Bitz will be in hall 12 on stand number 165

Van Bitz Number ONE again!

Van Bitz started selling the market leading range of satellite domes in 2009.  We like the quality and reliability of  KVH domes.  KVH are the worlds largest selling dome manufacturer.  Unlike virtually every other dome on the market, especially in the UK they are not made in Asia and simply badged as they come off the production line from an Asian company that next week may be making “toasters”  We jest a little, but the reality is that KVH domes are sold across the world, working in the harshest conditions, in the marine market, the military market and the positively sedate (by comparison)  motorhome markets. At the end of this page there is a short video showing just how technical KVH’s marine products are.  This goes a long way to explaining the fantastic reputation for reliability their land systems enjoy.

In 2010 we were awarded the prestigious “Most improved dealer award for overall sales and service.  In 2011 we were appointed “Premier dealer” status.  As a Premier dealer Van Bitz will offer you an upgrade on the usual 12 month warranty to a 36 month warranty.  At the end of 2011 Van Bitz were awarded “Top UK dealer”

We are delighted to announce that we have retained this prestigious award and that Van Bitz in 2012 were yet again the best UK dealer for sales and services of KVH products.  Thank you to all our customers who support Van Bitz.

Growler reviews

click here to read growler flyer from magazine oct 2012

Growler article

Victron Battery Monitor

Victron Datasheet

This fantastic device is probably as important as fitting solar panels, extra batteries or even buying a fuel cell.  This device monitors all power in and out of your batteries so you know exactly where you stand powerwise.  Click on the link above for a full description or call us on 01823 321992 and we will tell you all about this product.

Oyster Satellite update

Originally posted on N0v 2012

As some may already be aware, there have been some more recent changes to the Astra 2 Satellite network that have resulted in some Oyster systems being unable to establish a lock. The problem has been caused due to the fact that a frequency from Astra 2A south (11.954 Horizontal) has been turned off and the channels relocated.

If using the now Obsolete Oyster Vision I system (large control box with a map of Europe on the front) with software from Sept 2011 onwards it is still possible to lock automatically.
If using a Sky box you will need to leave it in standby (red light) and perform an Automatic search. Once the dish is locked you will be able to watch tv as normal.
If using a Freesat or other free to air receiver you will need to select a Vertical channel before putting the Oyster on an Automatic search. The

channels recommended are either CNN or Sky News. Once your receiver is set to one of these channels put the system on an automatic search and it will lock on. Once it has you can view all channels as normal.

Please note: If the software is older than September 2011 then you will need to consult an Oyster dealer or myself at Oyster Sat-Tech.

If using the Oyster Vision II (small four button control box) the fix is relatively simple. As the unit searches you will need to press (and hold) the right hand arrow button. This will display the current frequency the system is searching for. If it is 11.954 press the left arrow three times (while still holding the right) and it will change to 12.051. Let go of the arrow and then the system will lock on.

Please note: If the mentioned frequency is not in the list please contact an Oyster dealer or myself at Oyster Sat-Tech.

Finally, if using the Oyster Digital system with integrated receiver (2007 model onward) the fix, again, is relatively simple. As the unit searches press the exit button on the remote which will stop the Oyster searching and bring the “search Satellite” menu up on the TV screen. Scroll down to “Edit Settings” and press the “Menu” button on the remote (not OK button). This will open a service menu. Scroll down to “Search Transponder/Beam” (this will most likely show “1-Europe South (H)) Scroll to the left once and it will change to 0-Europe South (V). Then simply press exit, scroll up to automatic search and press ok. The system will now lock on.

Please note: Older Digital systems may have a different menu structure. If in doubt seek advice from an Oyster dealer or myself at Oyster Sat-Tech.

Anthony Read
Technical Advisor
Oyster Sat-Tech

Dometic Self supporting awnings

Van Bitz are the Dometic Motorhome Centre (DMC) for the South West. Ask us to installing Dometic Self Supporting Awnings, because as a DMC we offer you, the customer many benefits, not least that you will receive a THREE year parts and labour warranty on any Dometic product we install for you.   You can browse the full range using our E brochure below.

The Dometic range of self supporting awnings, that can be fully automatic, remote controlled even have a wind sensor to close themselves should the wind get up over night or while your out. Please call us on 01823 321992 or email us for up to date pricing, availability and just as importantly to discuss which motorhomes are suitable for the self supporting Dometic awning. The following video shows how convenient the awning is. The Dometic price list is available: PRICE LIST JAN 2013 AMENDED

remote control awnings

The revolutionary self supporting awning. No legs, no winding, 12 volt operation.

Electric awnings

Sun protection without struts
Electrical operation

The electrical version of the Dometic Premium awning is an innovation that is particularly convenient and safe. A patented arm joint made from forged steel allows the awning to be used without any additional struts.

The unique sun screen and weather shelter is fully automatic and operated at the touch of a button. A standard wind sensor automatically retracts the awning when wind force reaches critical levels. Extra safety – and one thing less to worry about.

Manual awnings

Sun protection without struts
Manual operation

This new motorhome awning eclipses its competitors by doing away with inconvenient support struts – just like your canopy at home. This means you can use the entire space in front of your recreational vehicle. It completely eliminates the awkward, time-consuming setup of conventional camping awnings.

You’re bound to use your Dometic Premium Awning even during short stops by the roadside thanks to it extending in only a few seconds.


awning accessories

Treat yourself to an optional extra or two to make your awning match your requirements perfectly. The accessories listed here were developed specially for Dometic Premium awnings and can be ordered separately.


Sun protection without struts
The Dometic Premium Awning




Cornish Farm Touring Park

Within our grounds we own and operate a 3.5 acre camp site to make you journey and visit to Van Bitz more enjoyable and relaxing. Normally, when installing equipment on your motorhome or caravan the overnight stay will be complimentary. Have a look at Our overnight facilities

Bob and Mary our wardens are motorhome owners themselves so have a understanding of what you’ll want and how to help. We have 60 electric  hook ups, twenty five gravelled hard standings and there is complimentary WiFi available across (most) of the touring park.  The site enjoys excellent toilets and showers, has a family/disable room for our customers that have additional needs. 

Oyster price cuts

Oyster have announced that they are slashing the price of the Oyster dome range in time for the October NEC  For a limited period their  German made Dome systems start from only £1299 plus installation.

This now puts this quality product in the same price range as the inferior Korean made systems that are imported into Europe and sold under a number of different names.

The 50cm domes will be available for viewing at the Van Bitz exhibition unit at the October NEC along with conventional Oyster satellite dishes.

Six months interest free credit is available (subject to status) on all of the Oyster products sold by Van Bitz, the countries leading installation station.

Whats selling? Record numbers!

Van Bitz were at the October NEC on stand number 9-07A

Thank you to all our customers old and new that took the time and trouble to pop along and say hello.

Selling well?  Growler motorhome security systems, and record numbers of Oyster satellite systems and satellite domes from KVH.

Travel Vision launched their new R6 portable satellite dish that is fully automatic, allowing you to have satellite TV even if you don’t want to increase the height of the caravan or motorhome, drill holes in the roof or park under trees.  This was well received and we took orders for several systems to be dispatched as soon as the UK versions are available.

There were record numbers of visitors to the show and the camping facilities provided by the Caravan Club were fully subscribed.  Yet again the Caravan Club let people down with their organisation.  They must try harder. The rubbish skip was in the middle of a muddy patch, as was the entrance to entertainment marquee / bar.  Stupid when you think about the acres and acres of block paving that the motorhomes were parked on!  Also many of the camping areas were flooded and muddy.  Not good if your paying £30 a night to park at the NEC!


Strikeback with GrowlerTM

It’s all gone wrong! If you’re a victim of crime, your now part of the blame! No one cares about how you feel! The state seems only to care about the Human Rights and the Health and Safety of the burglar. This cannot be right or fair.

Not only do you have to contend with the emotional stress and fear that naturally occurs when you are a victim of crime, but now you have the added anxiety that should you dare defend yourself that, you will also end up being sued or even jailed. How can this be right and how on Earth did we allow this stupid situation to occur?

Once we had to defend ourselves from attack, and then as society became more controlled we handed many of our rights to defend ourselves and our property to the authorities. By not taking the law into our own hands we relied on the Police and the Courts to deal with criminals. That was great until they forgot why they are there, and who they are supposed to protect. The Government is no better! As soon as they catch a thief it seems a whole barrage of reports have to be compiled, social reports, medical reports, psychological reports. The victim? Probably doesn’t even warranty a visit from the Police, you will be given a Crime Reference Number (CRN) “So you can make a claim on your insurance” and you’ll be left to it. It’s all gone wrong! If your lucky you make get a telephone call from the victim support unit a few days later.

No one seems to be interested in punishment. Rehabilitation is what we hear today. The authorities don’t seem to understand that the majority of the community are happy to see rehabilitation if it works, but if not the fact that the bad people are locked up makes us happy! People locked up in jail cannot commit crimes, so if we have to keep them there so be it. If it costs too much, take more away from the prisons. Make the total fear of going back to prison the rehabilitation. So what’s to be done

Well! To protect our motorhomes, we can’t use violence to defend them but that doesn’t mean that we have to make it easy or pleasant for a thief to make the mistake of trying to steal or rob a motorhome protected by Growler™
Growler™ is the loudest most powerful multi sirened motorhome security system on the market. A wall of noise confronts the thief from the FIVE powerful sirens installed inside and outside, front and rear of the motorhome. A palpable, audible barrier. The cacophony of noise is simply so unpleasant, a potential thief simply does not want to stay in or around your motorhome: It is simply to painful. External deterrent, flashing LED warning lights to the front, rear and caravan door side. Upgradeable to accept the ONLY THATCHAM accredited wire sensors for roof lights and other vulnerable areas, including wire free security for roof mounted satellite systems. Exterior “Loop” security system for tow cars, trailers or bikes. Full panic function, plus much much more:

Visit our downloads section for all product fact sheets